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Application of POLYBETON SYSTEM is carried out on fresh concrete before it dries.
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    Consumption kg/sq.m.
Technical Description

Concrete treatment system

Revolutionary system for concrete  surface treatment. Transforms common concrete into a decorative, textured, uniform, extremely economical outdoor flooring.  Applied on fresh concrete on horizontal and vertical surfaces, preferably on gravel concrete (aggregate granulometry up to 2.5cm).  

Does not alter the composition of the concrete due to its action on the surface of the concrete, which eventually reveals the aggregates of the concrete, making it decorative in a couple of simple steps.  Concrete quality has to be C 16/20 or C 20/25 at least.  Recommended mainly for outdoor surfaces on grey, white or colored concrete
Retains the mechanical strength of the concrete slab, which depends on its composition, thickness and reinforcement and transforms its aesthetics without affecting its technical characteristics.  

Therefore, POLYBETON SYSTEM provides easily a superior decorative look with simple, fast and extremely low-budget application. It is coated with POLYBETON PROTECT M 880 special sealing resin for the creation of a mat surface or POLYBETON PROTECT SH special sealing resin for the creation of a shiny surface.

Recommended for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces such as surrounding areas of hotels, residential areas, pools and inside them, restaurants and also for corridors, walkways, pavements, squares etc.

The POLYBETON PROTECT M 880 and the POLYBETON PROTECT SH 881, are certified by POLYMER Institute of Germany according to DIN EN 12390-8 for waterproofing efficiency.