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    December 2020


    Application done by our collaborator at Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation of our certified system, ideal for horse stalls, barns, paddocks.
    It consists of a first cushion layer (base layer) in thickness of 13-18mm usually, a mixture of RECYCLED RUBBER 858 in different granulometries of 2-4mm, 0.8-2.5mm and SBR dust and the polyurethane binder POLAPLAST P13, mixed and applied at site, and the second layer (sealing layer) of polyurethane semi-flexible, pore-sealing material POLAPLAST P24 on top of the cushion mixture. Then follows the third layer (surface layer) with the full-PU colored polyurethane self-leveling, semi-elastic POLAPLAST P25 and finally the top coating, the UV-resistant polyurethane aliphatic coating POLYSPORT 1053 in two layers.
    Certified system by KIWA-ISA Sport Institute.


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