Our human resources (factory and office personnel) is always growing, to keep up with the demands of the market and to better service our customers, and now days we count 70 people.

We continuously provide training to our staff with seminars from our skilled and experienced managers in all the departments of our company from the production to application to sales department.

We are offering full service and physical presence, coupled with proven technical expertise.

KDF company is promoting a unique, different support to our clients in order to keep our high standards of service.

-Live online presentations of different systems ON REQUEST upon order of materials, receival or prior that.

-Remote application learning. Regular web seminars organized online every 10 days from beginning of May, with limited participants up to 5 companies.

-Live communication for ongoing project application from your project side through our initiative "FAR BUT SO CLOSE’’. Online instructions for your project applications as they happen though webvideo-chat platforms like BOTIM, SKYPE or WhatsApp.

-YOUTUBE video applications of all our basic systems.