Consumption kg/sq.m.
0.2kg/m2-0.3 kg/m2
Mixture of PU BINDER 1118 plus RECYCLE RUBBER 858
1.2 kg/m2 and 6kg/m2 for 10mm
3.5 kg/m2 - 3.8 kg/m2
0.35 kg/m2
Technical Description

Indoor highly flexible shock-absorbent, acrylic sports flooring system, ideal for multipurpose halls, gym floors, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, footsal courts, as well as any other indoor sports court. Combination of a mixture of PU BINDER and SBR granules, in granulometry of 0.5-2mm top coating.

Steps :

1. PU PRIMER 870 - Special, polyurethane primer. Applied by airless sprayer or brush on asphalt surfaces or on waterproof concrete surfaces without rising humidity issues.

2. SAFEPOL (minimum 6mm) - Elastic, shock-absorbent, wet-pour mixture. Mixture of PU BINDER 1118 plus RECYCLED RUBBER 858 in granulometry of 0.5-2mm. Applied by paver machine in thickness from 6mm up to14mm or more.

3. ELASTOTURF 851S - Acrylic, elastic, smooth, coating for sports floors systems. Consists of acrylic resins, powder quartz sand and special improver. It is combined with ISOPOL 854 as substrate to create multi-purpose sports flooring systems. Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions (snow, frost, heat waves etc.) after drying. Applied by squeegee in three layers at least.

4. POLYSPORT 952 - Polyurethane, aliphatic, two-component top coating for indoor sport floorings. Applied, in two crossing layers by airless sprayer or short haired mohair roller.

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