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Strong reinforced concrete slab.
  • Material
    Consumption kg/sq.m.
Technical Description

Outdoor Decorative Flooring
Certified by Polymer Institute and CERECO S.A.
Decorative, innovative concrete flooring of exposed colored aggregates (pebbles or quartz). Applied on hardened concrete, creates economical, weather resistant, not-requiring maintenance, anti-slip flooring in a variety of patterns and a wide range of colors. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor surfaces such as surrounding areas  in hotels or swimming pools, pavements, squares, corridors, villas etc.

Steps :
1.    GRAINFLOOR PRIMER 871. Special cementitious bonding compound for the adhesion of GRAINFLOOR on set concrete.
2.    GRAINFLOOR MIX 877. Concentrated, fiber-reinforced, colored mixture consisting of acrylic resins, selected quartz aggregates and special admixtures and improvers. It is mixed with cement (grey or white) and colored aggregates (pebbles or quartz) and combines with GRAINFLOOR REVEAL 875 and GRAINFLOOR PROTECT 876 for the creation of the final concrete surface of exposed aggregates of GRAINFLOOR.
3.    GRAINFLOOR REVEAL 875. Water-based, surface-deactivator for the creation of the exposed aggregate, concrete surface of GRAINFLOOR. It is applied by airless spray onto the fresh concrete surface facilitating the expose of the aggregates of GRAINFLOOR.
4.    GRAINFLOOR PROTECT 876. Clear, penetrating, sealing liquid, which is applied as the final coating for the system of GRAINFLOOR. It provides excellent water-proofing and long time protection.