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Applied only on dry, smooth concrete or other porous, stable surfaces like marble without arising humidity issues and free of materials that might prevent bonding e.g. dust, loose particles, grease etc. The success in the application depends on the right preparation of the underlay and use of the material. The substrate has to be as smooth as possible with superficial expansion joints have to be provided (approximately every 25m² - in a grid of 5m X 5m or similar.
  • Material
    Consumption kg/sq.m.
  • POLEPOX-PR 824
    0.4 kg/m2
  • EPODECOR 812
    1.5 kg/m2
Technical Description

Colored, decorative flooring in different shades and a big variety of patterns, depending on the tool of application. It is applied in smooth, dry, internal surfaces of cement in the desirable nuance. Different colors can be mixed together to create unique effects.

Recommended only for internal surfaces requiring high aesthetics such as shops, exhibition spaces, hotels.