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Technical News

    November -0001

    Synthetic outdoor system in total thickness of 13-14mm. It is applied on fine asphalt or smooth, waterproof concrete, without rising humidity issues, as the first base layer of 11-12mm mixed at site, which consists of RECYCLED RUBBER 858 and the polyurethane binder POLAPLAST P13 and then as second layer spray coat is applied at site in average thickness of 2mm, which consists of EPDM 856 and the colored polyurethane binder POLAPLAST P12. Priming with POLAPLAST P10 precedes the application.

    Certified by I.A.A.F. International Association of Athletics Federations

    Application method : First layer is applied by special paving machine or flat metal trowel and second layer is applied by special spraying machine in two crossings.


    Steps :

    1.    POLAPLAST P10 - Polyurethane primer.
    2.    Mixture of POLAPLAST P13 and RECYCLED RUBBER 858, applied by paving machine.
    3.    Mixture of POLAPLAST P12 and the EPDM 856, applied by spraying machine in two crossings.