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Infrastructure suggérée
Applied on dry, stable surfaces, free of materials that might prevent bonding e.g. dust, loose particles etc (in case of asphalt or concrete). The success in the application depends on the right preparation of the underlay and use of the material.
  • Matériel
    Consommation kg / m²
  • PU PRIMER 870
    0.2-0.25 kg/m2
  • SAFEPOL MULTICOLOR - Mixture of PU BINDER 1118 (3 kg/m2/cm) plus EPDM 856 (15 kg/m2/cm) in granulometry of 1-3mm
Description technique

Revêtement de sol élastique et de sécurité, idéal pour les revêtements de sol pour aires de jeux pour enfants, appliqué sur le site dans diverses épaisseurs allant de 30mm à 120 mm.

Elastic, safety flooring ideal for children playground floorings, applied at site in various thickness from 30mm up to 120mm.
Consists of a prefabricated special safety pad for playground flooring RAPIDFOAM 868, followed by a layer of PU PRIMER 870 with a polyester net and on top a mixture in 15mm thickness of EPDM 856 (in granulometry of 1-3mm) with PU BINDER 1118 (upper layer).
It can create many designs and patterns in a variety of EPDM colors. It is applied in thickness of 30mm up to 120mm, even on compacted, clean, dry gravel and on cement or asphalt surfaces.





1. RAPIDFOAM 868 - Prefabricated special safety pad for playground floorings.

2. PU PRIMER 870 - Special, polyurethane primer with the parallel use of a polyester net.

3. SAFEPOL MULTICOLOR - Mixture of PU BINDER 1118 and EPDM 856 in granulometry of 1-3mm. Applied by flat metal trowel after spreading and leveling with rake and straightedge. Rolling with cylinder follows for compacting.